Unaltered | A Photo Project

So much of the media we consume on a daily basis is altered. Whether Photoshop or FaceTune, it impacts the way we view the world, the people around us and ourselves. This series, completely void of Photoshop, Lightroom, filters or make-up, was created to capture life-unaltered- to show beauty in a natural state and the bring positivity to your online experience.

Humanity is beautiful and flawed, enchanted and challenged, the one thing in life I believe in the goodness of regardless of how many times we fall apart. Here’s to changing the stigma of filtered, retouched, altered highlight reels and rather embracing life’s journey with authenticity... quirks, curls + all.
— Anna

It is both freeing and terrifying to let someone capture your natural features for everyone to see. The world today has become such a facade through photoshop, Instagram, and filters, but how sweet is it to see our supposed flaws become celebrated. However you feel confident - makeup, all natural, etc. - I hope you feel beautiful with every one of your features. Here’s to celebrating the beauty of humanity.
— Carly