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Personal Instagram: @carolinacmach                       Photography Instagram: @themachcomposition

Twitter: @CarolinaCMach

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K-State PROUD Director of Communications

K-State PROUD is a nationally recognized student-led philanthropy whose purpose is ensuring K-State students who have encountered unforeseen financial crisis can finish their degree at K-State.  I will continue to run all of the social media platforms associated with the organization for the '17-'18 school year. 

Instagram: @kstate_proud                   Twitter: @KStateProud                   Facebook:

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K-State PFA Media Intern

From November 2015 to November 2016, I ran all media and communication for K-State's Parents and Family Association (PFA). Here is a break down of one of the media metrics presentations I gave to the PFA Advisory Board. 

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Extensive experience with Twitter's Analytics for business and subsequently creating a week-by-week media outline to foster and grow followership.

PFA account: @KStatePFA



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Experience filming and promoting FacebookLive events and other original video series.  Directed and conceptualized PFA's "Ask Dr. Bosco" video series. Worked to promote and encourage engagement and feedback to best-tailor content to our audience.

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Experience writing copy and creating layouts for an online newsletter using BuddyBoss along with official training in Apache via KSUCMS. Discovered this way to engage pieces of our audience who were not active on social media platforms.